Currently in development

Pixel.Fockr is a heavily stylised, voxel based, cyberspace-shooter. The aesthetic draws heavily from 80s arcade games and the newly emerged vaporwave/outrun movements. Gameplay of course bases itself upon the classic space-invaders, whilst adding modern twists to the formula, namely:

• Fully destructible, physics enabled ships

•Highly customizable ship building

•A variety of upgradable weapons

Fully destructible mayhem

Every ship, including your own, is made up of 3D cubes, or ‘pixels’, each of which may be individually shot away. Each ship also possesses a bright blue, glowing heart, which if hit, will result in the instantaneous explosion of your or your enemy’s ships. Continuously keeping your foes under fire and slowly eroding their defences will get the job done eventually. However, a single, well placed beam shot to the heart will achieve the same result, far more efficiently, allowing you to spend more quality time with other enemies. Is your opponent’s heart too heavily reinforced? Try lopping of its arms and disarming it. Any pixel  not connected to the heart will fall away, allowing you to sever large sections of your enemies ships in single, well placed shots.

Build your ship your way

While your game starts with a premade ship, you can easily sell every pixel and build your ship from scratch. The UI allows you to browse available pixels and quickly place them on your ship. Descriptions are provided as to the purpose of each pixel. While a new pixel will be destroyed and fall away in a single hit, upgrading existing pixels to higher levels will enable them to take additional hits as well as unlock additional upgrade properties, such as improved reload times and damage for weapons or the ability to reflect enemy bullets on shields.

With ever changing combinations of enemies, and a player ship which can be built, upgraded, repaired and destroyed, the goal of this project is to create fast-paced, highly dynamic gameplay which has the potential to result in moments of emergent gameplay. The current state of the game may be considered a technical demo, which hopefully showcases these characteristics. Future feature milestones on the game's roadmap include:

  • Procedurally constructed enemy waves

  • Wider weapon + enemy variety

  • Structure, narrative and an end-game goal